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...una formación de músicas del mundo que mezcla influencias de la cultura musical india, la música clásica europea y el flamenco andaluz en sorprendentes grooves e improvisaciones melódicas. Planet Waves, world music en estado puro, un experimento audaz nacido del puro placer de tocar.

...a world music formation that blends influences from Indian music culture, European classical music and Andalusian flamenco into surprising grooves and melodic improvisations. Planet Waves, world music at its finest, a daring experiment born out of pure joy of playing.

Bio of Govinda:

Govinda an Artist and Multi-Instrumentalist in the Genre of Northindian classical Music, as he studied all kind of indian string-instruments, for almost 40 years, so 15 years with the late Maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

Today Govinda Schlegel continues his studies with Pandit Rajeev Taranath from Mysore, a senior disciple of Ali Akbar Khan.

Govinda presents a varity of Indian Classical String instruments in his performances, so he plays the popular also in the west, the Sitar, as well as the BassSitar, called Surbahar, the Sarod with their unique mindblowing sounds, the very rare and hard to find, the Sursringar...another one is the Sarangi, a 35 string bow-instrument, and then the very ancient RudraVeena, .

Govinda works with several projects like MUSICA INDICA,an ensemble for IndianClassicalMusicAndDance, SHAMAN STRINGS, PLANET WAVES, THE GHOSTSINGERS, SAPANA and plays together with other multicultural crossover fusion experimental musicians/artists...

Bio of Pritam:

Pritam Singh – is the leading disciple of Sri Ajit Singh Mutalshi and has also studied with the great late, Ustad Allah Rakha Khan of Punjab Gharana and continues his journey with Pt. Anindo Chatterjee of Farukhabad Gharana. As a professional musician, Pritam has over thirty years of experience in the music industry and has taught thousands of students all over the globe: through performances, workshops, seminars and classes to infants through to Post Graduates, including teachers training courses.

Reservas: elmolinodecajiz@gmail.com